Past Speakers for the Veteran's Day Observance :

Below is a listing for the year and speaker for the Veteran's Day Observance. The event has been going since 1999. Clicking on the link names will bring you to a biography of the speaker.

1999 - Col Dean Elton Johnson - MN National Guard Chaplain, State Senator

2000 - Col Dean Elton Johnson - MN National Guard Chaplain, State Senator

2001 - Area Service Members (No Featured Speaker)

2002 - BG (Nominated) Dean Elton Johnson
MN Army National Guard Chaplain

2003 - BG Mark Ness - MN Air National Guard

2004 - MG Larry Shellito - MN Army National Guard
Adjutant General-MN National Guard

2005 - CDR Charles Altman - US Navy
Executive Officer - Naval ROTC - U of M

2006 - LtCol (Ret.) Alex Plechash - US Marine Corps

2007 - MG Richard C. Nash - MN Army National Guard
Commander, 34th Division

2008 - MG Jon Trost - MN Army National Guard
Deputy Commander - TRADOC MN National Guard

2009 - MG (Ret.) Robert Pollman - US Army Reserve
Former Commander, 88th RRC, Fort Snelling -

2010 - CDR Keith Wettshreck - US Navy
Executive Officer - Naval ROTC, U of M

2011 - Captain Andrea Bond - US Army National Guard
Blackhawk Helicopter pilot

2012 - BG Robert Cayton - US Air National Guard
Chief Of Staff, MN Air National Guard

2013 - MG Gerald Lang - US Army National Guard
Deputy Commanding General - Army National Guard, Army Materiel Command

2014 - Lt Zack Liebl - US Army National Guard
Operations Officer, 334th BEB