Items Looking for in Collection :

I have been asked regularly what items I am looking for in the collection. On this page I have compiled a list of some of those items that I am actively searching for.

This collection encompasses more than just the items themselves, and is also trying to compile the stories of those individuals who used them.

US Army Items:

TA-50 Set – 1960’s-1970’s
Pistol Belts – Webbed
20 Rd M-16 ammo Pouches – Nylon
5 Qt Collapsible Canteen – Bladder
OD 107 Fatigues – Type II
Khaki Uniform – Abbreviated (shorts) – 1960’s
Rucksack – Lightweight early Alice type – 1970’s
Packboards - Post WWII
Canteen – 2qt Collapsible
Sand Bags – OD cloth
Pistol Belt – Webbed Nylon
Desert Storm Uniform – with CIB
OIF/OEF Class A Uniform w/ CIB
Load Bearing Vests
Advanced Combat Helmet
Aviation BDU – Woodland type 2
Improved Aviation BDU
Female dress uniforms - All times and eras
Tri-color desert Helmet Cover
Challenge Coins
AG489 Army Officer Dress Green Uniform
ECWCS Generation II
Rank Chevrons
Leather MP Brassard
Lister Bag
Officer's Mess Kit/ Chest
OD Fatigue Caps
Drill Instructor Cap
Officer Saucer Cap
Distinguished Service Medal
Soldier's Medal
Badge: Combat Medic
Badge: Gold Recruiter
Badge: Silver Recruiter
Badge: EOD
Badge: Aircrew
Badge: Sr. Aircrew
Badge: Master Aircrew
Badge: Senior Aviator
Badge: Pathfinder
Badge: Combat Infantryman's 2nd Award
Badge: Jump Wings Basic
Badge: Jump Wings master
Collar Brass: Aviation
Collar Brass: JAG
Collar Brass: Public Affairs
MN National Guard Medals
Military Payment Certificates
Dress White Uniform
Combat Vehicle Crewman's Coveralls - OD
Medical White uniform
Summer Mechanic's coveralls
General Officer Uniforms & Insignia
ROTC Uniform
CVC helmet
Infantry Officer uniform w CIB - Pre 1957
West Point Academy uniform
5 Buckle Overshoes
Wiley X Sunglasses - Goggle Type
Fatigue Uniform - Korean War
Barracks Bunk - Grey Steel – Post Vietnam
Mattresses for Bunk Beds
Warrant Officer Dress Greens - Pre 2004
Warrant Officer Insignia - Pre 2004
Neck Ties, Black
Molle System pouches
Badge: Combat Action
Bayonet - New Style
Rations: LRRP - Vietnam
Jungle Fatigues - Type I - Vietnam
Jungle Fatigues - Type II - Vietnam
Nomex flight pants - Vietnam
"Chicken Plate" body Armor - Vietnam
Saddle - WWI
Trench Periscope - WWI
Officer's Uniform - WWI
Gloves - enlisted Working - WWII
Neck ties - Khaki - WWII
2 pc Mattock Pick Axe w/ carrier – WWII
T Handled Shovel - Long style – WWII
Assault Gas Mask (M9) w/ rubber carrier
Lineman's Pliers - WWII
Rations - C
Rations - K
Rations - D
Silk Invasion Maps
Control Box for SRC-625 Mine Detector
Jump Boots - WWII
Service Shoes - WWII
2 Buckle combat Boots - WWII/ Korea
Helmet Netting - WWII
Helmet Liners - WWII
HBT Fatigue Uniform – Plastic Buttons - WWII
Paratrooper Field Uniform - Jump Uniform - WWII
Chino Khaki Uniform - WWII
Officer "Ike" Uniform - "Pinks" Greens - WWII
Standard Officer Uniform - WWII
Shopacs - WWII
Nurse Uniform - any/All time periods
30/40 Krag Rifle

US Navy Items:

Enlisted whites - Chief Style - 1970's
Enlisted Female dress hat
Enlisted female dress blues
Enlisted Female Dress Whites
Enlisted Female dungarees
Enlisted female working blues
Enlisted female summer whites
Rank chevrons
Officer rank Insignia
Officer Shoulder boards
Blue Jacket Manuals
Navy Cross
Navy & Marine Corps Medal
Submarine dolphins - enlisted & Officer
Submarine Patrol Pin
Chief Petty Officer Insignias
Chief dress whites – Chokers
Chief dress Whites – Female
Chief Dress Blues – Female
Chief Working Khakis – Male
Chief Service Khakis – Male
Chief Summer Whites – male
Formal Dress blues – Any rank
Dinner Dress Uniforms
Warrant Officer Uniforms & Insignia
Admiral uniforms & Insignia
Flight Deck Uniform – Vest, helmet etc.
Female Officer Summer Whites
Male Officer Dress Whites – Choker – Korea
Male Officer dress Whites – Choker – Vietnam
Male Officer Dress Blues – Present
Khaki Tropical (shorts) uniforms
Corpsman USMC Dress Greens
Female Officer Service Khakis
Female Officer Working Khakis
Female Officer Working blues
Female Dress blues
Desert Storm Uniform
Sailor Uniform – WWI
Flight Gear, helmet, g-suit, etc.
Nurses uniforms - any/all times

US Coast Guard/ Merchant Marine Items:

Officer Coast Guard uniforms
Enlisted Coast Guard uniform
Merchant Marine officer uniforms
Merchant Marine enlisted uniforms – Post WWII

US Marine Corps Items:

Female uniforms - World War II
Female uniforms - Korea
Female uniforms - Vietnam
Ranks Chevrons
Pin On Rank Insignia
Saber – enlisted & Officer
USMC Blanket
OD Covers
Saucer Cap
Woodland Cammo USMC Helmet cover
Officer Service Green Uniform
Dress White uniform
Warrant Officer Uniforms & Insignia
General uniforms & Insignia
Desert 6 color Helmet Cover – USMC (EG&A on front)
Dress Blues Uniform – Korean War
Vandegrift “Ike” style Uniform
Tri Color Desert Uniform – USMC – 2000’s
Dress Blues Uniform – Vietnam
Dress Blues uniform – Current
Dress Blues uniform – Officer – Any/All times
Jungle Fatigues – Vietnam
K-Bar – fighting Knife – any/All
OD Utility uniform – Vietnam
Enlisted uniform – WWI
HBT Utility uniform – WWII
Spot Cammo utility uniform – WWII

US Air Force Items:

Leather Bomber Cap – WWII
Leather Bomber Gloves - WWII
Officer Crush Visor Cap – WWII
Leather bomber Jacket – B3 – WWII
Blue Fatigues – 1950’s-1960’s
Khaki uniform – abbreviated (shorts)
1st Pattern PT uniform
2nd Pattern PT Uniform
6 color Desert BDU
Air Force Academy Saber
Air Force Cross Medal
Airman’s Medal
Dress White Uniform
Enlisted Collar Insignia
General Uniform & insignia
OD Fatigue Caps
Officer Uniforms & Insignia
ROTC Uniform
USAF Blanket
Warrant Officer items
Dress Blues Uniform – Desert Storm
Jungle Fatigues – Vietnam