In Memoriam :

The Lost - May They Never Be Forgotten

A large part of this entire collection is to help keep the memory alive of those who served, and with that those who gave their all while in the military.

The list below is of the nearly 200 veterans from Kandiyohi County in Minnesota who died while on duty in the military. Not all of the individuals listed below were Killed in Action, some died of disease during the influenza outbreak of 1918 or other misfortunes. All of them were on active service at the time of their death.

This is a compilation of over a year of research to find information and photographs of each of these individuals. Some of the photos are poor, as they are reproductions of small newspaper photos. If you know any of these men or women, and would like to contribute more information, or photos, please contact me.

As further information becomes available on others from the area who died in service, or more information becomes available on those listed here the pages will be updated.

Click on the name of the individual, and a pdf page with their information will come up.

Corporal John Abbas - USMC

Private Oscar Ahlberg - US Army

John Alexander - US Navy

MoMM1c John Anderson - US Navy

Robert Anderson

Sergeant Roger L Anderson - US Army

Paul Willard Anthony

Corporal Leland Bailey - US Army

Sergeant Robert A. Beaudette - US Army

PFC Arnold Bidwell - US Army

Private James R. Blair - US Army

Lieutenant Paul G Bliven - US Army

PFC George Alton Boe - US Army

PFC Charles Elsworth Bohanon - US Army

Private Emil A Bokelman - US Army

Private Max P Bomsta - US Army

Arthur Charles Borscheim - US Army

David Franklin Bristol - US Army

Tech 4 Stanely Bruechet - US Army

Private Ryan M Cain - US Army

Private Otto H Carlson - US Army

Russell W. Carlson

Earl H. Carpenter

Russell Castro - US Army

Horace C. Cedarstrom

John M Christianson - US Army

Specialist 4 Norman Harvey Clark - US Army

Specialist Ryane Glenn Clark - US Army

Harold L Collison - US Army

Sr. Airman Eli M. Cook - US Air Force

Private William F. Coolen - US Army

Corporal James T. Curtis - US Army

Private Dennis Dahl - US Army

Private John H. Damerow - US Army

Donald N. Danielson

Ann Marie Delong - US Navy

Private Willard Doss - US Army

Private Cornell Iver Dunham - US Army

Corporal Harlow Erickson - US Marine Corps

Corporal Robert Luther Evans - US Army

Private Christian Evenson - US Army

Lieutenant Ralph Evinger - US Army Air Corps

Kenneth Luvern Felton

Chief Warrant Officer Raymond E Fernelius - US Army

Private Olof Finstad - US Army

Eugene Flolo

PFC Thomas B. Fosse - US Army

PFC Trygve N. Fosso - US Army

Sergeant Burton Howard Fossum - US Army

Paul Gafken - US Navy

Private Fred William Gesche - US Army

Gunner's Mate Phillip Gillin - US Navy

Rapael A. Glynn

Seaman Francis Gorhammer - US Army

Estel E. Gosse

Hugh Goswick - US Army

PFC Alfred Gravgaard - US Army

Private Archie G. Gunderson - US Army

Corporal Gerald James Gunderson - USMC

Charles Guy

2nd Lieutenant Austin F. Hanscom - US Army

Sergeant Lawrence H Harris - US Army

Corporal Loren D. Hartjen - US Army

Private Joseph H. Haude - US Army

Corporal Walter H. Henderson - US Army

Tech 4 Elroy Henjum - US Army

Carl L. Hjelm - US Army

PFC Enock Hoglund - US Army

Corporal Odean Holstad - US Navy

Private Anton Honebrink - US Army

Sergeant Robert E. Ihlang - US Army

Berton Isaacson - US Marine Corps

Norman Isdahl - US Army

Private Vernelle Jacobson - US Army

Bernard Jensen - USMC

Clayton S. Jensen - USMC

Freddie T. Johnson - US Army

George D. Johnson - US Army

Private Lloyd W. Johnson - US Army

PFC Russell W. Johnson - US Army

Laurel M. Kloster - US Army Air Corps

Carlton V. Knott - US Army

Lieutenant Virgil W. Knudson - US Army Air Corps

PFC Peter A. Knutson - US Army

Technician 5 Sivert Knutson - US Army

Private Lewis Larson - US Army

Lieutenant Paul Walker Latham - US Marine Corps

PFC Ray Franklin Lee - US Army

Peter Leuze - US Army

Rodney John Lewis - US Navy

Master Sergeant Carl H. Lindquist - US Army

Private Oscar Lohn - US Army

Private Andrew Victor Lundgren - US Army

Stanley A. Magnuson - US Army

DeWayne D. Majerus - US Navy

Clayton Mathias

Warrant Officer James Archie Matson - US Army

Gordon Mattison - US Army

Kenneth R. Meyers - US Army

Eldor Milbrett - US Army

Sergeant Kyle Randall Miller - US Army

Wendell Miller - US Marine Corps

Robert Mittelstadt - US Navy

Donald Luverne Monson

Petty Officer Charles H. Nelson - US Navy

Private Victor L. Nelson - US Marine Corps

Frank J. O'Neill - US Navy

MoMM1c James O'Neill - US Navy

Fred O Ogdahl - US Army

Private Carl Oscar Olson - US Army

Private George H. Olson - US Army

2nd Lieutenant Manley T. Olson - US Army

Maurice E. Olson - US Army

PFC Wayne C. Olson - US Army

PFC Elvin Orsten - US Army

Private Noah Benjamin Patterson - US Army

Private Harry Paulson - US Army

Howard L. Pawlitschek - US Army

Arthur H. Peterson

Clifford S. Peterson - US Marine Corps

Staff Sergeant Vernon R. Peterson - US Army

Private Zachary Pistulka - US Army

Arnold Plowman - US Army

Private Sigrud Rasmussen - US Army

PFC Danny Ray Reigstad - US Army

Lyle W. Robinson

Technician 5 Chester A. Roelofs - US Army

Alton Rose

Burton L. Rossell - US Army

Private George J. Ruis - US Army

Corporal Colben J. Saboe - US Army

Private Thomas A Saboe - US Army

Melvin Sadness - US Army

Bennel G. Samstad - US Army

Carroll E. Sandberg - US Army Air Corps

Sergeant Harlie W. Sands - US Army Air Corps

Marvin E. Satterlund - US Marine Corps

Sergeant Joshua Andrew Schmit - US Army

Electrician's Mate Allan A. Schwarzkopf - US Navy

William Schultz

Esmond Scobie - US Navy

Donald Selvig - US Navy

James B Schamp - US Navy

Elmer L. Shoumaker - US Army

Private Herman Skutle - US Army

Motor Machinist Mate 3rd Class Irvin G Slinden - US Navy

Sergeant Rolfe Max Smith - US Army Air Corps

Wayne H. Smith - US Army Air Corps

Private Albert H. Soderling - US Army

Private John Peter Soderlund - US Army

John Staples - US Army

PFC Kenneth Stephenberg - US Army

Private Julius O.H. Stipp - US Army

Private Simon Stob - US Army

Waldon Jerome Swart - US Army

PFC Vernon A. Tait - US Army

Ensign Arthur McNair Taylor - US Navy

Private Arthur R. Thompson - US Army

Arnold Thompson

Hospital Corpsman Stephen B. Thorp - US Navy

Elmer Thorpe

MoMM1c Harold O Thorson

Quentin H. Thorvig - US Army

Sergeant Charles P Tolan - US Army

Curtis E Wallin - US Army

Private Alfred Week - US Army

Roger H. Welch - US Army

Private Floyd Wessels - US Army

Technician 5 Clarence Wiegmann - US Army

Leonard T Wig - US Army

Edgar G Wood - US Army

Fred J. Wood - US Army

Harry R. Zupke - US Army