War on Terror

Uniforms worn by Joshua Schmit. Schmit was a local army veteran who was killed in Iraq on 14 April 2007.

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Displays dedicated to the memory of Sgt Kyle Miller and Sgt Josh Schmit. Both Willmar men were killed in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. On the left are some of Kyle's uniforms and items and on the right (as shown in above photo) are Josh's uniforms.

US Army uniforms from Operation Iraqi Freedom. The uniforms shown include the standard woodland BDU (top left), the Tri-Color Desert BDU (bottom left) worn early in the war, and the current issue ACU (top right). All these uniforms were worn by the same man, who did two tours in Iraq.

US Marine Corps uniforms from Operation Iraqi Freedom. At the top right is the current USMC desert uniform worn by Marines in Iraq. The green and brown "Cammies" are the current issue for Marines in non desert areas. At the base of the wall is a homemade Iraqi flag brought home by a Iraq War Marine Veteran.

Dress uniforms from Post Desert Storm. Many of the Veterans that wore these uniforms served in the Reserve forces or National Guard.