Area Veteran Community Calendar of Events

These are items related to veterans in the Central MN area or significant on a statewide level. USMHC is not involved in many of these events, but this is a service to centralize the veteran events for our region. If you have something you would like to submit for the Central MN region, please send an e-mail.

By clicking on the item on the calendar below, a balloon popout will show details on those items.

Cellphones For Soldiers

Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non profit organization that collects used cell phones and in turn purchases calling cards to deployed service members. To date, Cell Phones for Soldiers has raised more than $7 million and provided more than 90 million minutes of free talk time to the service men and women serving our country. Due to the mobile phone recycling program, more than 7.5 million cell phones have been recycled since 2004, thus reducing the impact on landfills.

If you would like to donate your used cell phone, visit to print a pre-paid shipping label or stop by your local Veteran Service Office and they would be happy to assist you.