World War II

Entering into the World War II section viewers are able to see some original information pertaining to the homefront during World War II. These items include, Farm Service information, newspapers, ration books, and a 1943 Montgomery Ward catalog which shows the items not available due to the war effort.

This is one of the original prosthetic devices issued to local WWII veteran, Mike Wareberg, who lost his arm in New Guinea. Also included in this display were some of his personal items and items he made for part of his rehabilitation getting used to his prosthetic.

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Shadow box of medals and awards of Mike Wareberg's. The shadow box was made by his family.

A variety of field gear items from World War II.

Items of Doug Lawler. Lawler served in Europe during World War II.

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Army Uniforms of personnel that served in the European theater.

Army Uniforms of personnel that served in the Pacific theater and in the US. Note most all uniforms are identified by who wore them, and their photo is on display by the items.

Marine Corps Uniforms of personnel from World War II.

Navy Uniforms of personnel that served in World War II.

During World War II the US Air Force did not exist as a separate branch of the service. Pilots were members of the Army or Navy as part of that branch's Air Corps. This area of the display shows uniforms of both Officers and enlisted members of the Army Air Corps.

Mock up of a small command post tent.

The above two photos show some of the enemy items brought home from World war II by American Servicemen. Note the Japanese sword and flag, also a German uniform. Although the collection is primarily US items, some of what the "other side" used is displayed.